Immersive journeys to help leaders make more impact in the world.

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Looking for new inspiration? Ready for the next stage of your impact-focused career?

Journeys for Change runs immersive journeys to help leaders make more impact in the world.

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A Journey for Change is a leadership development experience with a difference

Join a group of diverse, inspiring leaders to spend time with a number of remarkable social entrepreneurs – individuals using their innovation and entrepreneurial skills to create a better world.

The learnings you'll get from the experience will be rich, unexpected and dynamic. They will come from multiple sources: from the out-of-context environment; from the individuals you'll meet; from your fellow leaders; and from your own personal perspectives.

The results are profound: new actionable ideas for your work; a broadened vision; renewed energy; a fresh sense of the contribution you can make to the world; new life-long friends and colleagues; and a greater connection to your potential as a leader.

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Our journeys are designed for accomplished leaders

  • Senior executives in corporations: Get fresh insights into social business, how to maximise corporate responsibility and what drives successful base-of-the-pyramid business models
  • Leaders in public and civil society sector organisations: Learn new strategies to scale impact, engage stakeholders and achieve change with limited resources
  • Philanthropists & high net worth individuals: Deepen your understanding of some of the most pressing social issues and where you can focus your investments
  • Policy makers & academics: Get hands-on learnings from one of the world's most thriving environments for social innovation
  • Entrepreneurs & social entrepreneurs: Learn new strategies to grow your organisation from some of the world's most resourceful and inspiring social entrepreneurs

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The Journeys for Change team has been taking leaders on journeys since 2005

Our team has been running successful learning journeys since 2005. Participants on our journeys have come from organisations as diverse as Nike, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, the Bertelsmann Foundation, Swedbank, INSEAD and the UK National Health service. They have included senior leaders from the private, public and civil society sectors, social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, academics, philanthropists and policy makers.

Our alumni network consists of more than 300 exceptional leaders spanning four continents. To date, we have run journeys to more than fifteen cities / towns and seven states / counties in India and the UK.

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Please note that our journeys are designed for senior leaders in the private, public and civil society sectors, who usually have had more than 5-10 years executive or leadership experience. We do also, in some circumstances, consider exceptional less senior candidates.

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