Immersive journeys to help leaders make more impact in the world.

Why Choose Journeys for Change?

1. Our experience

Our team has been running successful learning journeys since 2005. Participants on our journeys have come from organisations as diverse as Nike, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, the Bertelsmann Foundation, Swedbank, INSEAD and the UK National Health service. They have included senior leaders from the private, public and civil society sectors, social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, academics, philanthropists and policy makers. To date, we have run journeys to more than fifteen cities / towns and seven states / counties in India and the UK.

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2. Our established on-the-ground relationships

Through our work in India (through UnLtd India) and in the UK since 2005, we have established relationships with many top social entrepreneurs and civil society organisations. These include Skoll Award recipients, Ashoka Fellows and many equally inspiring but lesser known changemakers.

Read more about our on-the-ground relationships on our Hosts & Partners page.

3. Our world-wide alumni network

Our alumni network consists of more than 200 exceptional leaders spanning four continents and drawn from some of the top private, public and civil society organisations in the world. As a participant, you will join - and have access to - this unique group.

Read the testimonials of some of previous participants.

4. Our approach

We have a simple set of values that drives everything we do: Inspiration grounded in reality; out-of-the-ordinary experiences that are challenging and energising; diversity and collaboration; a fun and professional approach.

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5. Our social purpose

We run Journeys for Change as a social business. We aim to develop our participants' and hosts' ability to create greater impact in the world; we make financial donations to the projects we visit; and we channel the proceeds from our journeys to supporting start-up social entrepreneurs in the countries we visit.

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