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Contrasts & Core Value Discovery

December 31st 2012 06:12

Mighael’s passion is to actively and constructively contribute to a better and balanced world that is able to provide all of its inhabitants with a satisfactory quality of life. He has a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology from Delft University of Technology and is currently reading for a Masters in Management degree at London Business School.  


Tour from a local

After yesterday’s packed day with two company visits and loads of impressions, this day allowed for individual programs and reflection. With no planned activities in the morning, everybody could decide themselves what to do. After a nice evening with some drinks in a local bar, I decided to take it easy and have some extra sleep to overcome my jetlag. I was not the only one taking a relaxed morning and I was glad to see that I could join Manish at the breakfast table. He originally comes from Bangalore and was certainly the one to trust for a great tour around town.

A land of contrasts

Manish took five of us to the shopping area of Bangalore. The morning was relaxed and peaceful, but the early afternoon quickly became hectic and full of contrasts. As a true Indian, our fellow participant took us along all kinds of busy streets and exotic shops in a very fast pace. This being my first time outside of Europe, the number of new impressions is overwhelming. Cars and bikes are zigzagging over the streets, litter is being burnt next to a crossroad, and cows are eating trash like they just don’t care. The contrasts are just so big. First you are seeing beautiful fabrics, yaw dropping craftwork, and delicious foods. Then you see a little kid playing in the sand of the construction site where he is living because his father works there. And just when you think you start to understand the Indian life, you almost get run over by the cars, because green light for pedestrians apparently also means that all other traffic starts driving. This was certainly an impressive morning.

Discovering core values

After the morning it was time to join the rest of the group for the afternoon reflection session. The bus took us to the botanical garden, where many families spent their free Sunday afternoon. With the help of some yoga exercises and armed with a cloud of citronella, we were ready to explore our inner selves. We were discovering our core values on a shady grass field and used these values to find out what we liked and disliked about the two social enterprises we had visited the day before. I felt like a strange bunch of tourists, being photographed like a touristic attraction by locals and waved at by a passing class of school children. After concluding the session, we ended our day with a great dinner at a downtown restaurant and for some with some drinks at the bar. Afterwards, the hotel was waiting for us to prepare for a very short night’s sleep before we flew to Mumbai!