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Since launch, we've brought together more than 200 international leaders from four continents, travelling to 15+ different locations on our journeys.

The Journeys for Change experience has sparked new corporate strategies, international partnerships, exciting career moves and changes in the way our participants see the world.

Learn more by listening to stories from our alumni.


Patrick Cheung
Patrick Cheung Chairman, Dialog in the Dark Hong Kong; Founding Director, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum
Having led a successful career as a leader of Hong Kong’s financial sector, Patrick was intrigued by the idea that social entrepreneurs could leverage business practices to create positive impact.  During the November 2008 Journey, he saw this idea in action firsthand and was convinced. Patrick went on to found Dialog in the Dark Hong Kong.





Vinay Nair Europe Business Development Manager, Acumen Fund; Former Executive Director, JP Morgan
Vinay was on sabbatical from his work at JP Morgan when he came on the November 2008 Journey.  His participation in the Journey helped him realize that his passion for social impact work was something to which he wanted to devote himself full-time.   After his sabbatical, he left the private financial sector and joined Acumen Fund in the U.K. 





Rose McCausland 
Rose McCausland Director of Learning, Living Lens
When Rose connected with Sohini Chakraborty, founder of Kolkata Sanved, during the November 2009 Journey, they found common ground in their work with trafficked women.  The collaboration that was born then is now bringing the spike in human trafficking associated with the 2012 Olympics to the public eye.




Jim King Founder, Addictions UK and Addictions India

Jim came on the November 2008 Journey with a question in mind -- could Addictions UK expand their holistic approach to rehabilitation into India? While participating in the Journey, Jim also explored the rehab landscape, connected with potential partners and discovered the answer to his question. Addictions India is now an established social enterprise in Chennai. 






Sohini Chakraborty 

Sohini Chakraborty Founder, Kolkata Sanved

Sohini Chakraborty pioneered the use of dance movement therapy in India to rehabilitate victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Here she describes how a visit from Journeys for Change participants Rose McCausland and Amy Barbor of Living Lens led to an international collaboration that will use dance and video to bring the world's attention to the spike in trafficking at the 2012 London Olympics.