Immersive journeys to help leaders make more impact in the world.


Key information about Journeys for Change is as follows:

  • Profile of participants: Age - Typically late 20s to 60s. Nationalities - varied. Backgrounds - varied, but all participants are people who are in leadership positions.
  • Life-changing stories: 
    • One of our participants credited the journey with helping him move from an executive position at JPMorgan in London into a job that he's passionate about working for a social venture fund.
    • One of our participants was so inspired by the journey that she shifted from a Chief Exec role in a UK Strategic Health Authority into the social enterprise sector.
    • One retired Chinese businessman said the journey helped inspire him to start a social enterprise in Hong Kong.
    • One of our participants, an Associate Professor, described the experience as life-changing to help her pioneer the introduction of social entrepreneurship into the curriculum in Alaska.

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