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Kolkata Sanved and Living Lens partner to fight sex trafficking at 2012 Olympics

March 30th 2011 02:03



Journeys for Change partner Kolkata Sanved (India) and JFC alum Living Lens (UK) have launched an international collaboration.  Together, as London gears up to host the 2012 Olympics, they will shine a light on the devestating toll wreaked by so many major sporting events: the severe increase in human trafficking.

Both Kolkata Sanved and Living Lens provide creative therapy to victims of human trafficking - Kolkata Sanved through dance movement therapy, Living Lens through video. Their new partnership will provide a platform for survivors of trafficking and prostitution to tell their stories to a global audience. Both organisations want to make sure that survivor voices are a key element in the media run-up to the Olympics, and that the public becomes part of the call for change.

Sohini Chakraborty, founder of Sanved, connected with Rose McCausland and Amy Barbor, the founders of Living Lens on JFC's 2009 India Social Entrepreneurship Journey. We are proud to play a role in this collaboration. 

You can support the collaboration, too. Visit the partnership's Buzzbnk page to get involved on a number of different levels - help spread the word, give your time and donate funds online. 

The potential for social impact is huge. Journeys for Change is committed to making this collaboration as powerful as it can be.


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